Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP) in USA, 2016-2017


Applications are invited for Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP) for the academic year 2016-2017. Scholarship Program is for a maximum one-year for non-degree, one or two year for masters and two years for doctoral studies. The scholarship provides for round-trip international travel, monthly maintenance allowance, tuition and fees, book/supply allowance, and health and accident insurance. The last date to apply is June 30, 2015.

Study Subject(s): Proposals for research will be accepted from the following fields: Agriculture and all its subfields including Fruit and Vegetable Production, Horticulture, Plant Breeding/Genetics, Dairy Science, Pest Control/Entomology, and Animal Nutrition; Agricultural Engineering and its subfields including Forest Engineering, Handling/Processing/Storage of Agricultural Products, Irrigation and Drainage Systems Engineering, Post-Harvest Technology, Soil and Water Engineering, Agricultural Waste Management, and Food Engineering/Process Control; Agricultural Economics and its subfields including Agribusiness, Agricultural Policy, Farm Management, Natural Resource Economics, and Production Economics; Natural Resources and Forestry and their subfields including Forestry, Wood Science, Natural Resource Management, Range Management, Fish/Game/Wildlife Management, Marine Resource Management, Coastal Zone Management, and Environmental Science; Veterinary Medicine and its subfields including Small-Animal Medicine and Large-Animal Medicine; Agricultural Extension; and Fisheries and its subfields including Inland Water Fisheries, Marine Water Fisheries, and Brackish Water Fisheries.
Course Level: Scholarship is available for pursuing non-degree, master’s and doctoral programme in the United States.
Scholarship Provider: Fulbright
Scholarship can be taken at: USA

-Citizenship. Applicants must be citizens of the Philippines. Filipinos holding dual citizenship (Philippine-American) or permanent U.S residency are ineligible for grants to the U.S.
-English proficiency. English proficiency is required to pursue proposed program in the U.S
For doctoral dissertation research – must be currently enrolled in a doctoral program in the Philippines, with an approved dissertation topic
For advanced research – must have at least a master’s degree
-Health. While no medical certification is required at the time of application, applicants must be in good health to pursue graduate work in the U.S. Finalists are required to pass a medical examination.
-Work experience.
For doctoral dissertation research – must have at least 5 years of work experience after college
For advanced research – must have at least 10 years of work experience in the field of specialization
Return to the Philippines. Applicants must return to the Philippines immediately upon completion of their study or research.
Individuals who are currently studying, working, residing or researching in the United States are not eligible.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Citizens of the Philippines can apply for this scholarship programme.

Scholarship Description: The goal of the Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP) is to modernize the agriculture and fisheries sectors of the Philippines by developing their human resources base through bilateral educational exchanges between the Philippines and the United States. The objective of the grant is not only to enable the recipient to pursue a particular field of study but to develop leaders in agriculture and fisheries who can contribute to promoting better understanding between the Philippines and the United States.

Duration of award(s): Grants under the Philippines Student programme are for a maximum one-year for non-degree, one or two year for masters and two years for doctoral studies.

What does it cover? The scholarship provides for round-trip international travel, monthly maintenance allowance, tuition and fees, book/supply allowance, and health and accident insurance.

How to Apply: (Submit one original and two (2) photocopies of the following items below except for the letters of reference)
-Official or certified transcript of records from all colleges/universities attended
-Certified copies of diplomas (not original)
-Three (3) letters of reference (forms will be provided in the application kit)
-Completed 6-page application form (available at the PAEF website during the application period)
-Letter of invitation from prospective American host institution (preferred)
-Copy of biographical page of passport, if available
-NBI clearance acquired in the past six (6) months

Application Form

Application period for the second call for applications for the 2016-2017 Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP) for Advanced Research is from September 1 to October 23, 2015.
Printed copy of completed applications must be received at the PAEF office on or before October 23, 2015.
Grantees are expected to begin their program in the U.S. by September of 2016.

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