Apply For 2016/2017 Macgeorge Fellowships For Students In Field Of Arts At University of Melbourne


Macgeorge Fellowships are open to artists, performers, writers or researchers in the visual, creative and performing arts, music, architecture, conservation, literature, creative writing, language, history, philosophy and anthropology.

They must be nominated by an appropriate Department of the University of Melbourne to be eligible, and the Department/School/Faculty must give the nominee an Honorary appointment as a Visitor to the University if the nomination is successful. It is expected that most Macgeorge Fellows will
visit the University for 4-8 weeks to work on a project, but the Committee will look favourably on a shorter period if that is all the time that could be given by the nominee.

Benefits of the Honorary Fellowships
The main benefit of the Macgeorge Honorary Fellowships is to provide the means of an uninterrupted period of research, writing or artistic endeavour at ‘Ballangeich’ including full use of the house and extensive river-front gardens. Macgeorge Honorary Fellows will be provided with a short-term residence, but not a contribution to travel fares and living expenses, because Macgeorge Honorary
Fellowships do not include funding from the Macgeorge Bequest to the host Department.

How To Apply

address queries and submit nominations and Fellowship reports to:
Ms Natasha Smith
Governance Support Officer
University Governance
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010
Tel: 9035 8963
For artists and curators, initial inquiries about the Macgeorge Fellowships and Macgeorge Honorary Fellowships may be directed to the Director, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne. However, the awarding of fellowships is not administered by the Ian Potter Museum of Art, nor do fellowships entail an exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. The Fellowships should not be understood as an artist-in-residence programme.

Download full details here

Official Scholarship website


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