2016 Hanyang University Postgraduate Scholarships For International Students, Korea

Hanyang University

Hanyang University invites applications for available graduate positions in the Graduate School of Biomedical Science & Engineering for research areas of Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Cancer Biology and Computational Biology. Positions are available for undertaking either MSc or MSc/PhD (combined) or PhD program in March 2016. Full scholarships will be provided. The application deadline is 14-23 September 2015.Positions are open for pursuing for MSc, or MSc/PhD (combined) or PhD research program.

Worth of Award: Full scholarship will be provided.


  • Applicant would need to have a GPA of >80% to have good chances for a competitive application during the application process, ensure to select the correct graduate school: Professional Graduate School: Biomedical Science and Engineering (not Graduate school department Engineering, and also not Graduate school department science)
  • your first selection must be : Professional Graduate School: Biomedical Science and Engineering. Under this, there might be another sub-selection (Science or Engineering – here you select Science !)
  • you may need to select as Major: Science (not Engineering because it may affect later the courses you can select) – Once you have decided the department, you cannot change it anymore.

How to apply

The mode of applying is online (printed documents need to be sent after completion of online application).

Deadline: The application deadline is around 14-23 September 2015.

Click here for more details and to apply


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