Apply Here For Bocconi Graduate Scholarships for International Students in Italy, 2016-2017

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Bocconi University is offering graduate scholarships for international students in Italy. The scholarships are available for pursuing Master of Science program at Bocconi. The Bocconi Scholarship for International Students includes a full tuition waiver, worth up to € 12,000 per year. The evaluation will primarily be based on the candidate’s need for aid, however, the candidates academic achievements will also be taken into consideration. The complete dossier provided to the Admissions office will be evaluated.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded for Master of Science Program at Bocconi University.
Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing master degree at Bocconi University in Italy
Scholarship Provider: Bocconi University, Italy
Scholarship can be taken at: Italy

Eligibility: Applicants for the first 5 “international” sessions, who are neither a resident or citizen of Italy nor have earned an Italian Undergraduate degree in Italy or abroad, will have the opportunity to apply for the Bocconi Scholarship.

Scholarship Open for International Students: International students can apply for these scholarships.

Scholarship Description: Bocconi University is committed to making higher education accessible to  our students from  all backgrounds worldwide. Bocconi University offers need-based scholarships to international first year Bocconi Master of Science Program applicants for the 2015-2016 academic year. The awarding of the scholarship takes into consideration not only the economic conditions of the students but also their academic performances; applications required.

Number of award(s): Not Known

Duration of award(s): The Bocconi Scholarship for International Students will be automatically renewed for the second year  provided the required minimum GPA and academic progress is met as specified in the scholarship acceptance form that must be signed and returned to the University by awardees.

What does it cover? The Bocconi Scholarship for International Students includes a full tuition waiver, worth up to € 12,000 per year.

Selection Criteria: The evaluation will primarily be  based on the candidate’s need for aid, however, the candidates academic achievements will also be taken into consideration. The complete dossier provided to the Admissions office will be evaluated.

Notification: Awardees will be informed of assignment shortly after admission in Bocconi; the assignment of an award will be noted in the Admission’s Portal.

How to Apply: The application must be submitted online by the same date as the online admission’s application. Candidates interested in submitting the application will be able to access the online form using the same username and password used to complete the online application for the admission in Bocconi; and only after the online application for the admission in Bocconi has been completed.

Online Application

Scholarship Application Deadline: Application deadlines are:
-1st round: 31 March 2016
-2nd round: 30 April 2016
-3rd round: 31 May 2016
-4th round: 30 June 2016
-5th round: 31 August 2016

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application


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