2016 Mobility Grants for Students From African Universities to Study In Switzerland

2016 Mobility Grants for Students From African Universities to Study In Switzerland

The North South Cooperation of the University of Zurich (UZH), in collaboration with the Oeuvre St.-Justin Fribourg, invites applications for mobility grants for three students from African universities for the academic year 2016-2017. Scholarship can be taken at University of Zurich, Switzerland

The University of Zurich (UZH) aims to enhance cooperation with African universities by fostering partnerships in the fields of research, education, and building institutional capacity. Grants are awarded for research programme. Grants are available to learn any of the courses offered by the university.

Worth of Award

The grant covers the following costs:
-Travel expenses up to CHF 1,500 for a flight to and from Switzerland
-Up to CHF 400 per semester for German language classes at UZH
-Monthly allowance for living costs, study materials, and insurance:
-For students in a Master’s degree program: CHF 1400 (CHF 900 granted by the UZH North-South Cooperation; CHF 500 granted by the Oeuvre St.-Justin Fribourg)
-For PhD students: CHF 1700 (CHF 1200 granted by the UZH North-South Cooperation; CHF 500 granted by the Oeuvre St.-Justin Fribourg)
-Accommodations and breakfast are offered free of charge at Justinus Haus Zürich
-Please note: If the grant holder leaves Switzerland more than ten days before the end date of the mobility grant, the monthly allowance will be paid pro rata (e.g. if the grant holder leaves 3 weeks early, the last grant installment will only cover ¼ month).


Applicants can apply for this grant if they fulfill the given criteria:
The main applicant must be a full professor at UZH.
-The mobility student must be enrolled as a master’s degree student or PhD student at an African institution of higher education and research during the planned stay at UZH.
-Contacts must already be established between the institute of the supervising UZH professor and the mobility student’s home institution.

  • Mobility students from African universities are eligible to apply for mobility grants.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted by an UZH professors. Incomplete applications and applications handed in directly by mobility students will not be considered. Please submit the completed application form and all required documents to the Coordinator North-South.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Supervising UZH professor’s interest in collaborating with the mobility student’s home institution
  • Academic achievement of the mobility student
  • Motivation of the mobility student in choosing UZH
  • Compatibility of the mobility student’s research project and/or study plan with the activities of the host institute

Report: At the latest three weeks before the end of the mobility grant, the grant recipient and the supervising professor must submit a final report to the Coordination Center North-South. The last installment of the grant will only be paid after receiving the final report.


Deadline: Applications for the academic year 2016/17 must be submitted by 15 February 2016 at the Coordination Center North South. The decision on awarding the grants will be announced by 4 April 2016.

Click here for more details and to apply


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